Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Millie Flirts

For elementary school, my mom attended P.S. 105, which was about three blocks away from where she lived. The school, she said, was about 95 percent Jewish.

However, things changed when she started to attend P.S. 83, almost a mile away, for Junior High. Here, she said, there were more Italians than Jews. This meant, she said, Italian boys who wore leather jackets and carried knives and walked with a swagger. Things became a lot more interesting. My mom flirted outrageously with them after school when they (well, one at a time) would meet her behind the school or at the park. She found their street toughness and dark dark eyes invigorating.

And her daughter inherited her appreciation before she even knew that once upon a time her mom had met Italian boys behind school or in the park.

I Fell In Love - The Roches

I know there was something about you that I liked, yeah
But I only realized it when I spied you
At your mother's house last week
I'd only ever seen you on your bike, yeah
I thought you were a slick affected
Switch blade flashing motorcycle freak

I never understood, you slur your words why
You walk that mean and tough guy walk
Of all the other guys who hang around
The kind of animal that goes in herds, why
But at you mother's house last Sunday dinnertime
With your defenses down

I fell in love, I fell in love, I fell in love
Flowers in your hand
Such a fine young man
Dressed up a suit and tie
Hear my love cry
I fell in love, I fell in love

I'm probably not the kind of girl you think you want, why
I saw you with that slick affected
Switch blade flashing motorcycle blonde
I've got to make you turn around and see me
I saw you at your mother's house
I know you have it in you to like me
Such a fine young man
Catch me if you can
Don't be such a tough guy
Hear my love cry
I fell in love, you fell in what?

Suzzy Roche; Terre Roche
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