Saturday, October 11, 2014

Helping Those We've Never Met

When the grape and lettuce boycott announced by the United Farm Workers began in 1975, all of us (Mom, Dad, Ron (brother), Grandma (mom's mom) and Grandpa (mom's dad) stopped eating grapes and lettuce. We just stopped. None of us complained about having to do so. We knew that we were helping our union brothers and sisters in California and across the nation.

And in 1975, I joined and became active in the Brandeis University Boycott Support Committee.  We picketed stores and informed customers why they should not be buying grapes and lettuce. We were almost arrested more than once. But we were simply told then to stop chanting. (Now we would have been arrested, I'll bet.)

I felt that I was following in my grandparents' footsteps in trying to support and help people I'd never seen or met.

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