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The Odinovs moved around

When my greatgrandparents (mom's mom's parents) came to the USA with their family -my greatgrandfather came first, with my grandmother's half sister (from his first wife, who had died years before). Then the oldest sister of the rest of the family (second wife's children - my great aunt Eleanor) came. My greatgrandfather then sent for the rest of his family a year and a half later. They lived first on the Lower East Side, then moved to the Bronx, then moved to Brooklyn. Many of the children -my grandmother and her siblings, my great aunts and uncles- moved back to the Bronx after.

It turned out that a very dear friend's grandma -from Puerto Rico- lived in the same building in the Bronx that my great grandparents and family had lived in two generations before, near Washington Ave and 175th. I guess it could be considered either Tremont or Crotona Park.

When my grandparents -mother's parents- moved back to the Bronx in 1931, they moved instead to the new Pelham Parkway section, with Art Deco buildings with mosaic lobby floors and stucco walls on each story, and an echoing, dreamy quality to the floor and walls when one opened the door and breathed out.

They lived in several different apartment buildings before they moved, in 1941, to 2181 Wallace Ave, to the apartment they would inhabit for 44 years - 2D. My mom was 10 at the time. She lived there until she was married, in 1953.

She considered it more of a  home than any other place in which she lived, and so did I.

Greatgrandparents/mom's mom's parents

Moisei./Moshe/Moses Odinov - born in Gorki, Russia. Died at 82 in New York. Dates uncertain.?)

One child by his first wife: Rose Odinov Jacobson, emigrated with her father in 1911.

Rochel Schneiderman Odinov - born  in 1876 in Dubrika, Belarus, . Died in 1955, in New York, at 79. Emigrated with 6 of 7 children in 1913. Eleanor, the oldest, emigrated in 1912.

Their children (all born in Ryasna, Mogilev, Belarus):

Eleanor Odinov Chalek. Born 1898. Died in 1984 in New York.

Helen Odinov Glaser.    Born 1900. Died in 1988 in Cherry Hill, NJ

Shirley Odinov Nichols. Born 1901. Died in 1995 in New York.

Irene Odinov Turkin.  Born 1903. Died in 1970 in New York.

Benjamin Odinov. Born 1904. Died in 1998 in New York.

Arthur Odinov. Born 1907. Died in 2001 in Palm Beach, Florida.

Irwin Dilworth Odinov ("Dilly"). Born 1908. Died in 1979 in New York.

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