Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mom and Dad

I wish my mom could have seen the series on the Roosevelt. It would have brought back so much for her, especially the war in which blackouts by night accompanied the glamour in dating young men in soldiers' uniforms by day.

Including my dad. He was actually sent to radar school in Chicago and then a special racaldio unit in Texas. Technically he was in the navy. His legs were soon too long for his uniform, my mom told me, because he was still growing.

They met first on a double date, a date on which my mom was paired with my uncle and my dad was paired with a friend of my mom's. But instead, my mom told me, my dad called her up a few days after.

My mom and dad dated for a while, then broke up.

They met again seven years after, when the Korean War and the Cold War were in full swing. It was at a place called Camp Eden, Camp Gan Eden (Garden of Eden), a camp owned by the small but active Jewish Socialist Verband.  She was there for a couple of weeks. He was up for the day.

They became engaged after five dates.

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  1. I am seeking information about Camp Eden (Gan-Eydn) where my mother, Bertha (Bertie) Frankel Kuttler, spent the summers of 1937 - 1941. She would have been 16-21 years old then. I would also like to find out exactly where it was located and what is there now.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Miles Kuttler
    Aventura, FL