Friday, January 2, 2015

Apartment 2D - 1

I am the last one left now who remembers. No daughters to tell the stories to, to cook with, to laugh with, to argue with.  I never thought about having or even adopting children when I was younger.  The way most parents view them or speak about them, their children seem to fight or have problems or get in the way or don't respond or aren't interested in talking.  But if just one child -I instinctively think of a daughter, although it could be a son, understood...

Sitting now near the window, in my favorite chair, I look out.  First at the fire escape, then at the street.  My favorite pastime during rainy days was and is to stare at the building across the street, at its fearsome gargoyles which seem to spring into sharp relief on cloudy days.

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