Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Dad

Milton Kant, my dad...

Was born November 8, 1925.

Wanted to be an engineer, which he became, from a very young age (younger than 15).

Was extremely self-reliant, perhaps by necessity, from a very young age. He would go to the doctor himself when he needed to do so. His parents were often at meetings or work (both of them worked). On the other hand, the doctor, who saw most of the Amalgamated kids (Amalgamated Clothing Workers' Unon Housing/houses (apartment coops), didn't seem to have any problem with his coming on his own.

Wanted a pet, but was told that they weren't allowed to have one in their development (they weren't). So he and his brother Seymor (yes, spelled without the "u" :)  )  brought in 2 pigeons and put them in the bathroom.

Has a library of 7000 books, grouped shelf-wise. One section is devoted to utopias. (His interest in utopian societies was one of the factors in my being inspired to write FatLand.)

Asked my mom out on a date after they had been on a double date (my mom with brother Seymor and he, my dad, with a friend of my mom's).

Participated in election efforts since he was eight (put fliers under people's doors and was paid 25 cents for each building he covered).

Lived in the Bronx (mostly the Amalgamated Buildings) since he was born until he was 18, and went to Radar School during World War II as part of his training.

Still does HAM radio, which he has done for more than sixty years.

Likes mint chocolate chip ice cream (one of his favorites).

Likes Chinese food and steak.

Knows more about computers than I will ever know, and he is 89.

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